My K1 Visa: The journey so far.

Patience is a virtue. Patience is what I have although I don’t really have much choice :\ So like a good citizen, hubby and I followed this whole process diligently. Unfortunately though, they (you know who) are not making this easy for us.

The bad: It’s been 7 months and I still don’t have my AOS result. I have not done my ROM at the Philippine Embassy because without the finalized AOS, I don’t want to be without my IDs. We keep receiving letters asking for documents we have already provided.

The good: I have received my EAD and was able to get my SSN. With the SSN I can now move forward with several things like military ID, banks, etc. I can look for work!

I’ve been talking to a friend who moved to Washington state around December. She’s got hers all sorted out by February and here I am still waiting. I think luck is not on our side with this one. Looking at the brighter side, at least I got my life-changing SSN 🙂


My K1 Visa Journey: Medical Exam

There is only one place you can have your medical exam done: St. Lukes Medical Center Extension Clinic Manila (SLEC), and here are a few important things:

  • It is expensive: Php11,300 (as of September 2016)
  • They don’t honor HMO (at least not in my knowledge). Pay in cash.
  • Book the earliest appointment.
  • You will find everything you need to know on their website (requirements, etc.)
  • READ and bring EVERYTHING. When in doubt, ask!
  • Make sure to bring immaculately clean photos and have some extras.
  • Bring a hair tie for the chest x-ray.
  • PROTIP: Go after your period is over. Otherwise they will delay your vaccination worried that you may be worry. You cannot convince them otherwise. OR just say you just had your period.

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My K1 Visa Journey: NBI Clearance

I just have to tell you about my NBI Clearance renewal experience cos it was one heck of a ride. First off, I’ve renewed my NBI at least twice already- all good. Second, I hate ridiculous lines and waiting time when having to deal with government requirements. Continue reading “My K1 Visa Journey: NBI Clearance”

My K1 Visa Journey: The I-129F and NOA

As an introduction let  me tell you that Leo, my fiancee, doesn’t like bullshit or processes/requirements that seem to be senseless and stupid for the common man. I used the following websites to guide me: Continue reading “My K1 Visa Journey: The I-129F and NOA”

My K1 Visa Journey: The brief.

When we started the process for K1 visa, I was highly dependent on blogs of Filipino fiancees who have successfully moved to USA via K1 visa. I would use these information along with those from the USEM and other involved US departments. It is very important to have several sources so don’t just rely on one especially if it’s just word of mouth. Always double or triple check information you gather and make sure that they are up-to-date. Continue reading “My K1 Visa Journey: The brief.”