My K1 Visa Journey: Medical Exam

There is only one place you can have your medical exam done: St. Lukes Medical Center Extension Clinic Manila (SLEC), and here are a few important things:

  • It is expensive: Php11,300 (as of September 2016)
  • They don’t honor HMO (at least not in my knowledge). Pay in cash.
  • Book the earliest appointment.
  • You will find everything you need to know on their website (requirements, etc.)
  • READ and bring EVERYTHING. When in doubt, ask!
  • Make sure to bring immaculately clean photos and have some extras.
  • Bring a hair tie for the chest x-ray.
  • PROTIP: Go after your period is over. Otherwise they will delay your vaccination worried that you may be worry. You cannot convince them otherwise. OR just say you just had your period.

I was so bummed when I found out that I have to go to Manila city for this. I don’t like Manila and I know nothing about it. I had to take an uBer to get there cos I have no idea where this place was. So leave early, or come on-time, if you think you are not confident that you’ll find the area right away. Also, as always, bad traffic everywhere!

FYI: There is a Starbucks nearby. If a friend will be waiting for you, they can stay there. It will take you half a day to go through SLEC stuff. 

The good about SLEC is that the entire process is very organized and people are helpful. You will have a number which will be your identifier. They will give you a checklist. There are a lot of stations you will have to go to and medical exams to go through.  It is a long process but it’s just like treasure hunting. It’s a very long wait and is very expensive but it is also a good venue to meet other fiancees you can swap stories with.

My medical exam was done in two days. They asked me to return the following day for the vaccination. Some people get it all done in a day but if they are really busy, you will just have to come back next day. The vaccination won’t take an hour, anyway.

Lastly, your results will be sent directly to the embassy. You will receive it along with your passport. It will be sealed. DO NOT OPEN IT.


Good luck!


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