My K1 Visa Journey: NBI Clearance

I just have to tell you about my NBI Clearance renewal experience cos it was one heck of a ride. First off, I’ve renewed my NBI at least twice already- all good. Second, I hate ridiculous lines and waiting time when having to deal with government requirements.

So for a better life, I suggest that you take advantage of NBI’s online appointment system and pay for the renewal/application prior to going to the NBI office. This will save you time and headaches. I first chose Robinson’s Galleria as the office but when I got there, the line was crazy. I was not willing to waste half of my day standing in line. I looked for the branch with the most number of available slots for the day I wanted to do my renewal. Where did I go? Starmall Alabang. Yes.

Although Alabang is mountains away and an unfamiliar place to me, it was all worth it since the satellite office was very efficient. The people there are strict but very helpful and friendly. They don’t want people hanging around the place without an agenda. If you’re not sure of what you have to do next or which line to go to, ask. There’s at least one guy who guides the people.

In 15 minutes I was done, but I wasn’t able to get my clearance. After years of renewing my NBI clearance, I was told I have a hit. Wow, thanks. You have no idea how nervous I was. I was so scared that I may have a case against me without me knowing. I’ve heard stories, ya know. For two weeks, I couldn’t sleep well. Anyway, I was able to get it after a few weeks. It didn’t help that Holy Week happened which delayed their process.

Remember, the NBI Clearance you need is the green one or the one for travel abroad.


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