Hey! (or About)

What to do when you are intensely jet-lagged after moving halfway across the planet? Write about it.

Hello, I am Nica. My friends call me Jetlag Bitlag, it’s just a funny slang, k. Yes I write like how I talk. You can imagine a girl making faces while reading the stuff I have written here.

I’ve just moved to America to be with my fiancee/husband (depends when you’ll be reading this), from SEA. We used to have a 12-hour difference so moving here means turning my life 180 degrees. It also means that I am currently having a terrible case of jetlag. I thought it wasn’t gonna happen to me but here I am at 2 in the morning, making a blog.

It feels like I moved to a different planet. Let’s see how I will survive in this completely different world where a short, wide-eyed girl sticks out.

~Jetlag Bilat~