My K1 Visa: The journey so far.

Patience is a virtue. Patience is what I have although I don’t really have much choice :\ So like a good citizen, hubby and I followed this whole process diligently. Unfortunately though, they (you know who) are not making this easy for us.

The bad: It’s been 7 months and I still don’t have my AOS result. I have not done my ROM at the Philippine Embassy because without the finalized AOS, I don’t want to be without my IDs. We keep receiving letters asking for documents we have already provided.

The good: I have received my EAD and was able to get my SSN. With the SSN I can now move forward with several things like military ID, banks, etc. I can look for work!

I’ve been talking to a friend who moved to Washington state around December. She’s got hers all sorted out by February and here I am still waiting. I think luck is not on our side with this one. Looking at the brighter side, at least I got my life-changing SSN 🙂


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