Today I tried: Delta One

My first ever long haul flight was when I moved to the US from the Philippines. It was a total of 24 hours  travel time, with the MNL-SFO leg as the longest. Safe to say it was brutal.

Flying economy for more than 6 hours is probably one of the most physically stressful experiences for me. It’s just uncomfortable, not ergonomic at all, and I’m sure it’s somehow bad for your health. I’m not trying to sound like a spoiled brat here; it’s just really such a toll for the body.

Fast forward to March 2019 when I had to take an emergency trip to the Philippines and decided to book business class for my return flight. As usual I flew with Delta and was it worth it? It was.

First of all, I like flying with Delta cos (1) WIFI. Yes it’s a big deal for me since it allowed to me to still do some work while up in the air. (2) I like stopping in Japan. It’s just such an interesting place. So business class, yes. The MNL-NRT leg was nice. They got 180-degree recliners, own pod, and more comfort. Cool. The NRT-ATL flight though..I had a suite! Delta One suites, I think? I had my own privacy door. So. Much. Space. Pillows. Blankets. Space everywhere. A friend who always flies with Qatar Airways keep telling that their Q Suites are the best blah blah, but that means around 36 hours of traveling because of long layovers in Dubai. Not for me. Delta though, it’s the perfect balance of time and price, for me.

FOOD. OKAY so another thing I like about business class is the lounge access. I made sure to go to every lounge in my layovers. The Manila one was meh..okay. Japan’s lounge WAS AMAZING. ALL THE FOOD. OMG. JAPAN. Unfortunately we were delayed and I only had around 25 minutes to spend in Atlanta BUT this girl is going to make the most out of this trip. IT WAS GREAT TOO! They had a bar, lots of food, comfortable seats, and there was a dog 🙂 ALL WORTH IT. The on-board meals were awesome, too! I kept sending photos to my friend cos it was like food kept coming.

My photos aren’t great at all but I’ll share them anyway.


And here’s a video:

So is business class worth it? For me it was. I probably would not do it again but I think it’s worth doing it at least once for a long haul flight. Airlines would not let you upgrade one leg of your trip only, they’re smarter than that.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spare for flights, one time is fine but make sure to make the most of the experience. Get food, get drinks, use the lounge, use the vanity kits, everything. You paid for it anyway. Don’t bother doing business class if it’s only a domestic flight, not worth it and you won’t even get the same perks.

I know Delta is not the best airline out there but I do like flying with them for my Manila trips. They got WiFi, the routes are good, crew is friendly, on-board movies are great, total travel time is good, and overall experience had been great so far.


It’s true: Sheet mask for your V.

In my recent trip to the Philippines, I found a rather peculiar item which I have previously seen online but dismissed as a hoax.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you TWO L(I)PS. The mask for your vulva!!

I haven’t tried it yet! Hold your questions!! LOL.

I got this from Strip: Ministry of Wax in Greenbelt Makati. While undressing for my ~~waxing session~~ I noticed this in the corner of the shelf and my mind went, holy shiiiit, it is true. So of course I had to get one. My waxing lady said that it’s best to use it after getting waxed as it soothes ~~stuff~~. I didn’t want them to do it cos I wanted to bring this discovery home and show it to my hubby, and yeah do it with him. LOL. Hey!

I will probably update this entry after I’ve tried it. It’s just interesting.. I mean, what were they thinking of when they made this product? I got so many questions but hey I get strippin’ and slappin’ my V with some activated charcoal mask!

Today I tried: Driving Test!

Imaging taking 3 hours to drive 10 miles, having to be on the road before 6am to get to work before 9am, losing precious sleep cos you need to start your commute really early, and missing the rest of your night cos you’re stuck in traffic for 2 hours. That’s how it was for me in Manila, Philippines. Growing up in a city where traffic defines your daily schedule kinda influenced my desire to drive. I would rather walk than sit in traffic, or live real close to work and shopping- I did the latter.

However due to travel requirements for my previous work, I HAD TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE. Still, driving is the least appealing thing for me to do. So here I am in the USA where everything is so spread out that driving is a convenience and sort of a must. It took me almost 3 years to muster up the courage to take my driving test. Unfortunately for me, Maryland is more strict when it comes to getting your license versus other states. I could have just had my PH license swapped out for a USA one but would still have to take the test and actually pass it LOL; and since I have not driven much at all since I got here, I decided to do it the right way and do the entire process all over again. I enrolled myself in some driving class- 10-day classroom session with teenagers + 6 hours behind the wheel course. Luckily my classmates were all nice kids and didn’t care that there’s a 30-year old Asian trying to ace every question in the quiz- yes there was a quiz every single day. Because of this class I have discovered that some of my driving knowledge is “old school”, that is according to our first day teacher.

Anyway fast forward to 3 months and I finally finally decided to take the road test. Long story short, I passed. Even though I accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brakes at a stop sign (oops, I know), I still passed. I took note and followed the signs, got the meanest looking tester, tried my best to stay calm, and just drove. Everything worked out and now America has yet another female Asian driver on the road!

Unlocked: Stitch Fix!

I have been seeing TV commercials for Stitch Fix for a while now so I finally decided to give it a try. The curios me is excited to be styled  although it’s online. Two hours after I signed up, my husband sent me an email to “check this out”. Guess what, it’s a link to Stitch Fix’s website! Creepy coincidence or meant to be? I think it’s meant to be! Naturally I told him to sign up, too!

Two of the items in my bag. Isn’t that yellow bag cute??

Within a week I got a notification that my box had been delivered!! We’re actually in the middle of moving houses and I had my box sent to the new address so it sat there for around 18 hours (thank god it’s a safe community). Continue reading “Unlocked: Stitch Fix!”

Meet Tocino

Have you heard of Tocino? No it’s not the hottest celebrity of this generation. Tocino is good, of course. I mean what else am I going to talk about here if not food? Maybe my still delayed USCIS application, but that’s for tomorrow.

Anyway, Tocino is probably one of my mostest most favorite Filipino food. It’s pork marinated in loads of sugar and salt. It sounds gross but the finish product is soooo good. I am not as much fan of rice as most Asians (mostly Filipinos) are, but if there’s Tocino..mmm. I eat it with loads of steamed rice, vinegar, and tomatoes.

I’m pretty sure you can tell which on me is Tocino in that photo. I fried up a batch yesterday for lunch. I was so lucky to find a legit, no frills Filipino eatery when we went to Suffolk, VA. I ordered two big tubs of uncooked Tocino to take home with me. The lady who runs the place is just so mega extra super friendly. She even gave me her recipe!! I can’t share it with you though. It’s her business recipe and she entrusted me with it 🙂 so happy!!

Okay that’s my Filipino entry for today. I’m trying my best to write more. Ugh. Such a task.

I cut my hair!!

After moving to the great ‘Murica, I quickly realized how much more expensive services cost here are (well, if you convert all the time like I do). Back home a good full body massage will cost you around $5 before tip; here it’s around $1 per hour, before tip. A simple haircut is easily at least $15. Back home, it’s like a dollar 😀

So after several Youtube videos and words of wisdom from my mother, I finally chopped of my hair. Not by a lot and it’s not a stylish cut. Just a straight no-nonsense chop! *cries* I now have to enlist the help of my husband to fix the ends cos of course, it’s a crap job.


oh damn, what did i do…gasp!

One year in the USA!

May is my birth month and also the month I moved here in the US from the Philippines. It’s been a full year although it doesn’t feel anything like it at all! What has happened since I first moved here?

  1. I got married.
  2. Experienced  my first winter (SNOW!) And all the other seasons.
  3. Moved to Maryland from Georgia.
  4. Turned a year older.
  5. Finally got a Kitchen Aid mixer! (Thanks, hubs!)
  6. Finally perfected chocolate chip cookies!!!
  7. Missed my family a lot.
  8. Became a volunteer for SPCA
  9. America has a new president.
  10. Got my permit to work.

There’s definitely a lot more things that happened, but what has not happened yet is for me to finally get my temporary green card. It’s been 9 months since we filed it and for whatever reason, USCIS still doesn’t want to properly handle cases. I am sure we are at no fault, they probably just want us to spend more money on a lawyer or just take their sweet time because they know we can’t do stuff about it anyway…or so they think. It’s not fun anymore, they’re messing with people’s lives.

Oh well, it’s been a year in this country. I guess I’m somehow settled and it’s now time to get off my ass and start looking for work!! It’s like being 21 again- don’t know what to do after graduating. Should I try corporate or something simpler? Where do I start??


Uprooted and confused.