My K1 Visa Journey: The brief.

When we started the process for K1 visa, I was highly dependent on blogs of Filipino fiancees who have successfully moved to USA via K1 visa. I would use these information along with those from the USEM and other involved US departments. It is very important to have several sources so don’t just rely on one especially if it’s just word of mouth. Always double or triple check information you gather and make sure that they are up-to-date.

We started filing the petition December 2015 but had to redo it because fiancee (F), forgot to include payment in the first packet. I know, right? Seriously?!

I did rush things, I know, but it really didn’t feel like rushing to me cos I got the documents needed. Although it’s probably better to overpack documents for the interview, F and I only brought what was listed on USCIS and USEM websites. I really found the documents part very easy. The most annoying would be the medical, CFO seminar, and NBI renewal only because of the location and the time they consumed.

I was a bit worried though cos last July 2015, I applied for a US tourist visa and got denied. I was worried it might affect my K1. It didn’t at all.

I will be writing more detailed entries on my experience with the K1 visa. I am not into lengthy explanation cos I am basing this on my experience when I was doing research on the K1 visa process.

NOTE: The entire process, documents, requirements, experiences vary from person to person. Not because mine or another person’s experience went like ABC, doesn’t mean that yours will to. Take these personal stories as your guide but not the absolute truth. Good luck!


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