Meet Tocino

Have you heard of Tocino? No it’s not the hottest celebrity of this generation. Tocino is good, of course. I mean what else am I going to talk about here if not food? Maybe my still delayed USCIS application, but that’s for tomorrow.

Anyway, Tocino is probably one of my mostest most favorite Filipino food. It’s pork marinated in loads of sugar and salt. It sounds gross but the finish product is soooo good. I am not as much fan of rice as most Asians (mostly Filipinos) are, but if there’s Tocino..mmm. I eat it with loads of steamed rice, vinegar, and tomatoes.

I’m pretty sure you can tell which on me is Tocino in that photo. I fried up a batch yesterday for lunch. I was so lucky to find a legit, no frills Filipino eatery when we went to Suffolk, VA. I ordered two big tubs of uncooked Tocino to take home with me. The lady who runs the place is just so mega extra super friendly. She even gave me her recipe!! I can’t share it with you though. It’s her business recipe and she entrusted me with it 🙂 so happy!!

Okay that’s my Filipino entry for today. I’m trying my best to write more. Ugh. Such a task.


It’s been a month!

IMG_0321Ugh so I haven’t written for a long time.

It’s been more than a month since I moved here. Wedding is in 46 days . OH MY GOD. But anyway, let’s talk about what has happened so far.

  1. I’ve been seeing bunnies in the yard. It is a big deal, yes. Bunnies in the wild; not as pets. MAJOR!
  2. Been using the vacuum a lot.
  3. The dryer is still not fixed. This company is worse than those back home.
  4. I’ve driven F’s truck! And it’s surprisingly light compared to how humongous it is.
  5. Been baking. Been fatter.
  6. Went to classes and and events with F.
  7. Went to Rhode Island to meet his family and do some wedding stuff!!
  8. Booked venue, rental house, paid a lot of cash! $_$
  9. Cried cos I miss home 😦

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