One year in the USA!

May is my birth month and also the month I moved here in the US from the Philippines. It’s been a full year although it doesn’t feel anything like it at all! What has happened since I first moved here?

  1. I got married.
  2. Experienced  my first winter (SNOW!) And all the other seasons.
  3. Moved to Maryland from Georgia.
  4. Turned a year older.
  5. Finally got a Kitchen Aid mixer! (Thanks, hubs!)
  6. Finally perfected chocolate chip cookies!!!
  7. Missed my family a lot.
  8. Became a volunteer for SPCA
  9. America has a new president.
  10. Got my permit to work.

There’s definitely a lot more things that happened, but what has not happened yet is for me to finally get my temporary green card. It’s been 9 months since we filed it and for whatever reason, USCIS still doesn’t want to properly handle cases. I am sure we are at no fault, they probably just want us to spend more money on a lawyer or just take their sweet time because they know we can’t do stuff about it anyway…or so they think. It’s not fun anymore, they’re messing with people’s lives.

Oh well, it’s been a year in this country. I guess I’m somehow settled and it’s now time to get off my ass and start looking for work!! It’s like being 21 again- don’t know what to do after graduating. Should I try corporate or something simpler? Where do I start??


Uprooted and confused.



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