Unlocked: Stitch Fix!

I have been seeing TV commercials for Stitch Fix for a while now so I finally decided to give it a try. The curios me is excited to be styled  although it’s online. Two hours after I signed up, my husband sent me an email to “check this out”. Guess what, it’s a link to Stitch Fix’s website! Creepy coincidence or meant to be? I think it’s meant to be! Naturally I told him to sign up, too!

Two of the items in my bag. Isn’t that yellow bag cute??

Within a week I got a notification that my box had been delivered!! We’re actually in the middle of moving houses and I had my box sent to the new address so it sat there for around 18 hours (thank god it’s a safe community). I was so excited to open my first FIX, I dropped all moving boxes and just unpacked my Stitch Fix box. Everything’s soooo cuuuute! The item I was looking forward to was the jeans cos I just can’t find the right pair for me. I’m short but doesn’t have a size 0 waistline. LOL.

Anyway I am going to keep this short cos I still have boxes to pack and unpack. My overall first experience with Stitch Fix had been awesome. Some of the items were a little pricey than what I was expecting but factoring everything in, I think this is an interesting service that I would continue with. I also love that their website is very clean and easy to use. They also give style inspiration with the clothes they send you. Basically everything you need to know is in the box.

You should try Stitch Fix at least once, and while you’re at it, here’s my referral code *wink*

Shout out to my stylist Rebecca! Good job 🙂


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