My K1 Visa: The journey so far.

Patience is a virtue. Patience is what I have although I don’t really have much choice :\ So like a good citizen, hubby and I followed this whole process diligently. Unfortunately though, they (you know who) are not making this easy for us.

The bad: It’s been 7 months and I still don’t have my AOS result. I have not done my ROM at the Philippine Embassy because without the finalized AOS, I don’t want to be without my IDs. We keep receiving letters asking for documents we have already provided.

The good: I have received my EAD and was able to get my SSN. With the SSN I can now move forward with several things like military ID, banks, etc. I can look for work!

I’ve been talking to a friend who moved to Washington state around December. She’s got hers all sorted out by February and here I am still waiting. I think luck is not on our side with this one. Looking at the brighter side, at least I got my life-changing SSN 🙂


Can I please walk?

This week I tagged along with Leo on his work trip to Suffolk, VA. As usual I am again at the mercy of Uber/Lyft and my walking power. I chose a hotel that seems to be pretty close to commercial areas just so I will have some places to explore and spend time in.

I have been walking around for three days now and have noticed how much walking seems to be discouraged in some places in the US. It all started when we lived in Georgia. In a highly residential area, there weren’t sidewalks. The ground wasn’t even paved or flattened to be ideal for walking. You really need to have a car. There’s a store that’s only a mile away, but you would have to drive to get there. Yes you can walk, but that would be putting yourself in harm’s way.

Here in Suffolk and where we live in Maryland, thankfully there are sidewalks but, somewhere along the way it just ends. Yesterday I was walking from the mall back to the hotel. I chose to walk on the side facing traffic but then  a few minutes into walking, the sidewalk just ended. I wanted to cross to the other side where there is sidewalk all the way but there isn’t any safe pedestrian crosswalks. So frustrating!!

So I hope local governments do something to encourage walking as much as public transport and healthier eating. When it is nice outside it’s just really good to walk. It will help traffic and also help the person have some kind of exercise.

So America, let’s walk?


Okay, I haven’t written for ages, again! I feel like I hibernated like a bear during winter. This was the first winter of my life and husband feels like I’ve been cheated on because this year’s winter wasn’t really very winter-y. We didn’t get the usual heavy snowing but I really don’t mind since I am not friends with the cold anyway. I might have chased the winter away. I’m no Elsa. The cold bothers me!EARLY SPRING?

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For Pinch of Yum: Help!

So as a stay at home wife (for now), I know I need to up my cooking and baking game. I rely on internet people, because if it’s on the internet then it must be legit and the best there is, right? Right.

You have no idea how many times I have tried and failed making BASIC chocolate chip cookies. I have finally found the recipe that I want to master and that is from Pinch of Yum. What made me decide to follow Lindsay’s recipe is that 1) she got photos of the dough. Oh dear god you have no idea how useful photos are!!! 2) They lived in the Philippines which is where I am from.

That’s basically it.

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Starbucks Stories: A different Friday.

So I go to our local Starbucks every Friday unless Leo and I are somewhere on a trip. This Friday feels different for several reasons: the usual people I see are not around, somebody else is in my usual spot, a new president will be inaugurated today.

The guy who took my usual spot is on his Surface Pro having which seems like a conference call (or some business video call). He’s trying to be as quiet as he can but he’s in Starbucks, probably has to speak louder. I guess he’s not from MD cos he keeps saying “I’m in MD” “My hotel blah blah”. And now he’s in boss man mode. Okay, enough snooping. You shouldn’t have stolen my spot!

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Starbucks Stories: A Friday habit

While I still look for a personality for my blog, let me turn this into something like a diary for now. Let’s start with today, Friday..the 13th! Most people believe Friday the 13th is unlucky like a black cat or the full moon. But is it really? I have no idea how this belief started. All I know is that my Fridays are awesome!

Every Friday Leo drops me off at our local Starbucks while i wait for Petco to open. What do I do at Petco? No I don’t work there; I take care of the cats for adoption! I have seen several cat come and get adopted. We had a black cat that took some time to get adopted only because she’s black (like it’s her fault). One time I was doing my usual cat clean up when an older mother and daughter stopped by. Daughter wanted to get her mom another cat and pointed at Katz, our black cat. The mother straight said no she doens’t want a black cat cos they’re bad luck! Whaaaaat?? Anyway, it’s her choice, but it was just sad.

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NAILED IT!! Classic Crepes! 

I love crepes. I would be happy in a crepe buffet. Before crepes became a thing, my sister and I always take advantage whenever there’s a crepe station in a buffet.

Leo also loves crepes, since we all love crepes with a passion, it is only proper to learn how to make them. It is very easy even without those crepe tool things to make it look all pretty and even.

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