It’s true: Sheet mask for your V.

In my recent trip to the Philippines, I found a rather peculiar item which I have previously seen online but dismissed as a hoax.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you TWO L(I)PS. The mask for your vulva!!

I haven’t tried it yet! Hold your questions!! LOL.

I got this from Strip: Ministry of Wax in Greenbelt Makati. While undressing for my ~~waxing session~~ I noticed this in the corner of the shelf and my mind went, holy shiiiit, it is true. So of course I had to get one. My waxing lady said that it’s best to use it after getting waxed as it soothes ~~stuff~~. I didn’t want them to do it cos I wanted to bring this discovery home and show it to my hubby, and yeah do it with him. LOL. Hey!

I will probably update this entry after I’ve tried it. It’s just interesting.. I mean, what were they thinking of when they made this product? I got so many questions but hey I get strippin’ and slappin’ my V with some activated charcoal mask!


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