Starbucks Stories: A Friday habit

While I still look for a personality for my blog, let me turn this into something like a diary for now. Let’s start with today, Friday..the 13th! Most people believe Friday the 13th is unlucky like a black cat or the full moon. But is it really? I have no idea how this belief started. All I know is that my Fridays are awesome!

Every Friday Leo drops me off at our local Starbucks while i wait for Petco to open. What do I do at Petco? No I don’t work there; I take care of the cats for adoption! I have seen several cat come and get adopted. We had a black cat that took some time to get adopted only because she’s black (like it’s her fault). One time I was doing my usual cat clean up when an older mother and daughter stopped by. Daughter wanted to get her mom another cat and pointed at Katz, our black cat. The mother straight said no she doens’t want a black cat cos they’re bad luck! Whaaaaat?? Anyway, it’s her choice, but it was just sad.

I spend close to two hours on Fridays in our local Starbucks store. I’ve seen the usual morning people- the office man in his all crisp shirt dress, fancy coat, and perfect hair. There’s also the old lady who doesn’t like the sun on her face as she reads the newspaper. The old man who sits in the same couch- people know it’s his spot and actually stand up and give it to him. The sun doesn’t bother him much. Then there’s the gym girls who get the skinniest of drinks. Also not to forget are our friendly baristas. I don’t talk to any of these people but they’re all fun to watch. Each one is a character.

My Fridays used to be a night out to cap off the work week but since moving to USA and getting married, it’s been more peaceful. I look forward to movies with Leo. We eat too much popcorn. Or sometimes we stay at home and clean up or just be staright up lazy.

I think everybody looks forward to Fridays either to finally end a work week, get drunk, go on a trip, or to see if Friday the 13th is really unlucky. No matter what you’re excited about this Friday, I hope it turns out productive and memorable :]




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