NAILED IT!! Classic Crepes! 

I love crepes. I would be happy in a crepe buffet. Before crepes became a thing, my sister and I always take advantage whenever there’s a crepe station in a buffet.

Leo also loves crepes, since we all love crepes with a passion, it is only proper to learn how to make them. It is very easy even without those crepe tool things to make it look all pretty and even.

The recipe I followed is from Tasty:

280 grams (2 cups) flour
3 eggs
30 grams (¼ cup) butter, melted
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
675 grams (3 cups) milk

In a large bowl, combine flour, eggs, butter, and sugar, stirring until ingredients are slightly mixed.
Add the milk ½ cup at a time, stirring vigorously, making sure the milk is completely incorporated into the batter and that the batter is smooth before adding more milk.
Repeat with the rest of the milk. The batter should be very liquidy and have no lumps.
In a pan over medium heat, pour ⅓ cup of the batter in the center and swirl the batter around the edges of the pan until set.
To know when the crepe is ready to flip, lift up one of the edges about ⅓ of the way. The bottom side should be golden brown. Flip the crepe.
Cook until the edges are starting to slightly crisp.
Remove from heat and cover with a paper towel to make sure the crepes stay moist.


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