The first three days.

May 13, 9:30pm, SEA.
In 30 minutes I will be experiencing my first long ass flight. I am excited although I know I will hate it. A 4-hour flight bores me, so a 12/13-hour flight will probably kill me. Thank goodness my fiancee is flying with me.
May 13, 7:30pm, SFO.
Isn’t weird that we left at around 10pm but arrived on the same night, two hours behind? So cool! Anyway as expected I did not like the long ass flight. But hey, I’m in America!! It’s a big deal, okay? Don’t judge.

So while waiting for the next flight (total of 3), fiancee decided to smoke so we had to step outside and hell, it is cold. WTH I though California is supposed to be warm?! I’m not even wearing a jacket!

May 14, 10am, Ga.
Finally after a 24-hour travel, we’ve reached Augusta, Georgia. You can tell that fiancee is so excited to show me around. He’s giving me a tour but I can’t really process what he’s saying ‘cos I am just in pure amazement. Everything I am seeing just looks like a movie set. And his neighborhood, OMG, it’s like in Cat in the Hat!

Today I had real Popeye’s for lunch and got me a US number. We were supposed to go shopping at Walmart but damn, at 3.30pm after saying,

“I don’t think I’m jet-lagged at all!”

Boom! Knocked out. Woke up at 8pm and was just mad for wasting a day. Tried to sleep again, up at 1am. I give up.

May 15, 1:44am, Ga.

Guess what? I am wide awake.

At 6:30am, we went to Cracker Barrel and I swear to heavens that place can’t get any more surreal! I’m pretty sure I’m in some kind of a movie. Excuse my funny innocence but, this everything is just different from what I was used to. It’s so American. The food good lord, if I don’t discipline myself, I won’t fit in my wedding dress!

After breakfast it was finally time for Walmart! We had to be quick cos his tummy wasn’t feeling so good. I said next time he can just leave me there for three hours and life is good. This place kinda has every single thing in the world. I need time to digest everything. Fiancee said that definitely after two years I wouldn’t be in awe anymore. I don’t think so. Moving here made me appreciate so many things both big and small.

May 16, 10:30pm, Ga

So today fiancee (let’s call him F), went back to work. I am by myself in the house for 12 hours. Unpacked my stuff and rearranged some bits in the house. This guy lives my himself but has enough stuff to fill up a 4-br house. Crazy! He’s probably a hoarder in-training.

We’re so used to doing Facetime that he actually called me while taking a shower and driving to work 🙂 I find it funny. Come night time, we did a 2-hour Facetime session with his sister and her husband. Preliminary wedding talks happened and I told them how cold it is here for me. It really is cold. They say cool, I say cold.

Overall my first three days went well. I’m very happy to be here and finally be able to take better care of my man. I can see myself doing this and actually enjoying this life.

Thanks, America!


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