Can I please walk?

This week I tagged along with Leo on his work trip to Suffolk, VA. As usual I am again at the mercy of Uber/Lyft and my walking power. I chose a hotel that seems to be pretty close to commercial areas just so I will have some places to explore and spend time in.

I have been walking around for three days now and have noticed how much walking seems to be discouraged in some places in the US. It all started when we lived in Georgia. In a highly residential area, there weren’t sidewalks. The ground wasn’t even paved or flattened to be ideal for walking. You really need to have a car. There’s a store that’s only a mile away, but you would have to drive to get there. Yes you can walk, but that would be putting yourself in harm’s way.

Here in Suffolk and where we live in Maryland, thankfully there are sidewalks but, somewhere along the way it just ends. Yesterday I was walking from the mall back to the hotel. I chose to walk on the side facing traffic but then  a few minutes into walking, the sidewalk just ended. I wanted to cross to the other side where there is sidewalk all the way but there isn’t any safe pedestrian crosswalks. So frustrating!!

So I hope local governments do something to encourage walking as much as public transport and healthier eating. When it is nice outside it’s just really good to walk. It will help traffic and also help the person have some kind of exercise.

So America, let’s walk?