Online Shopping: Dermstore

OS1dermstore One sad thing about the U.S is that not all restaurants deliver. McDonald’s doesn’t deliver. And they don’t have spaghetti. But anyway almost everything here can be bought online. Woohoo! This is specially helpful for me since I am still highly dependent to my SO cos I still can’t drive here and everything is miles away.

Aside from the world-famous Amazon, which I am taking advantage of, there are a ton of online stores you can get anything from. You got online store for house stuff, health and beauty, groceries, flowers, medicine, cars, and pet stuff. It’s convenient. Since my skin started breaking and drying out, I’ve been on several health and beauty stores looking for the perfect products to help my face. One of the online stores I tried was Dermstore.

Usually I would just do Amazon, but if I don’t want L to find out that I’m buying stuff again, I go somewhere else. Also sometimes Amazon doesn’t have everything Prime-enabled. Then I came across Dermstore from Lisa Eldridge’s page. Woah, they have got a wide selection of brands! All those stuff in the photo are from Dermstore and if I remember correctly, some were even discounted. Continue reading “Online Shopping: Dermstore”