Wedding update: Just married!

Okay so I haven’t written for over a month cos it’s been craaaazy! Imagine having only 2 months to prepare for a wedding outside your country, outside the state you’re in, using a different currency, and having to fly two families from two different countries and making sure they make it to your wedding! It was chaotic and expensive.

Hubby and I sourced ALL of our vendors online. We used Wedding Wire (shout out to you, guys!) Overall it was based on online search, faith, and reviews. Philippines definitely needs something like WW! I’ve always loved weddings and organizing my own with a limited time was such an experience!

My beautiful and sun-shiny wedding bouquet

Anyway, our wedding turned out beautifully beautiful! I’m not being biased but I got a lot of “Your wedding is amazing! It’s probably in my top three of best weddings!” Yep, for real. I will be writing about it in length next time.




Wedding Update: Napkins!

napkins This is probably my favorite part of the wedding preps, as of today. I love love love the way the napkins turned out! According to our wedding app, it’s 25 days til the wedding and I am just worried as tooot!

If you’re curious where I got the napkins from, it’s from For Your Party. Before I went to their site I didn’t know there are a million kinds on napkins. The ones we got are called ‘guest towels’. No idea, don’t ask. They are white with 18k gold foil. 18k! Damn! And also, no, they are not expensive at all!