The Cat Lady (in me).

I have started the habit of walking 2 miles to the nearest shopping center here in our new place. The area has stores like Giant and TJ Maxx so after 40 minutes of walking, I do some window shopping (girls, pfft!). I’ve also discovered that across this shopping center is a Petco branch! Perfect! I walk at least 3 days a week and talk this opportunity to go see some cats and dogs and other animals because unfortunately, our lease doesn’t allow us to have pets. Having pets (or a pet) I think would be beneficial for me since I am usually alone in the house while Leo is at work. I don’t have anyone to interact with aside from the occasional  neighbor’s cat that drops by for some petting and treats. It could get a bit lonely. Walking helps, for now.

So one day at Petco I noticed a sign that says that the SPCA here is looking for volunteers to help with the cats! OH MY GOODNESS. So guess what I did? Yep, I sent them  an email RIGHT AWAY. Long story short, I’m gonna start this week! Yip yip!

I’ve seen some last chance adoption cats and it’s really heartbreaking for me. They look so sad, specially the older cats. I would definitely want to adopt older animals cos people usually avoid them. If it’s not a puppy or a kitten, they got lesser chances of getting adopted.

When I start my volunteer work I know it will somehow make a difference to the animals, and it would surely help me a lot.

My K1 Visa: Biometrics

So I had my fingerprint scan and photo taken today. Basically I flew from Maryland to Atlant and back to Maryland for a 7 minute procedure. And had to pay $1,000+ to start this whole AOS thing. 

I guess governments are somewhat the same whichever country try you’re in. 
Just saying. 

Online Shopping: Dermstore

OS1dermstore One sad thing about the U.S is that not all restaurants deliver. McDonald’s doesn’t deliver. And they don’t have spaghetti. But anyway almost everything here can be bought online. Woohoo! This is specially helpful for me since I am still highly dependent to my SO cos I still can’t drive here and everything is miles away.

Aside from the world-famous Amazon, which I am taking advantage of, there are a ton of online stores you can get anything from. You got online store for house stuff, health and beauty, groceries, flowers, medicine, cars, and pet stuff. It’s convenient. Since my skin started breaking and drying out, I’ve been on several health and beauty stores looking for the perfect products to help my face. One of the online stores I tried was Dermstore.

Usually I would just do Amazon, but if I don’t want L to find out that I’m buying stuff again, I go somewhere else. Also sometimes Amazon doesn’t have everything Prime-enabled. Then I came across Dermstore from Lisa Eldridge’s page. Woah, they have got a wide selection of brands! All those stuff in the photo are from Dermstore and if I remember correctly, some were even discounted. Continue reading “Online Shopping: Dermstore”

The land of the f(r)ee.

People think that America is the ultimate dream. That if you’ve made it to America, you’ve already made it in life. Lately I’ve been feeling so fed up with how limiting my life is here. My wedding a month away and unfortunately i still haven’t solved my acne problem which magically started when I got here. All I want to do is go see a dermatologist or get a facial at least. But no, if you don’t have an insurance you have to pay hellacious fees to do it. You wanna go to this place? Make sure you have a car. Sadly for me I am dependent on my guy’s schedule and his mood.

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I am the roach queen

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.25.40 PMBy now I am fully convinced that I am one cockroach queen. My friends know that I have an intense fear of roaches. I’m scared of them, not really hardcore “Fear”. I was once bitten by a cockroach on my right eye while sleeping. So imagine a cockroach crawling on your face, checking every pore with its hairy gross legs, and looking for a perfect spot to bite you. Unfortunately for me I have friends and family who laugh at how scared I am at roaches. Their argument is that I am 10 million times bigger than a cockroach. It also doesn’t help that friends would buy plastic roaches to prank me or that my dad sometimes pretends to throw a dead roach at me. I can’t go in a room unless I can see and conclude beyond any reasonable doubt that it is already dead.

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It’s been a month!

IMG_0321Ugh so I haven’t written for a long time.

It’s been more than a month since I moved here. Wedding is in 46 days . OH MY GOD. But anyway, let’s talk about what has happened so far.

  1. I’ve been seeing bunnies in the yard. It is a big deal, yes. Bunnies in the wild; not as pets. MAJOR!
  2. Been using the vacuum a lot.
  3. The dryer is still not fixed. This company is worse than those back home.
  4. I’ve driven F’s truck! And it’s surprisingly light compared to how humongous it is.
  5. Been baking. Been fatter.
  6. Went to classes and and events with F.
  7. Went to Rhode Island to meet his family and do some wedding stuff!!
  8. Booked venue, rental house, paid a lot of cash! $_$
  9. Cried cos I miss home 😦

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The first three days.

May 13, 9:30pm, SEA.
In 30 minutes I will be experiencing my first long ass flight. I am excited although I know I will hate it. A 4-hour flight bores me, so a 12/13-hour flight will probably kill me. Thank goodness my fiancee is flying with me.
May 13, 7:30pm, SFO.
Isn’t weird that we left at around 10pm but arrived on the same night, two hours behind? So cool! Anyway as expected I did not like the long ass flight. But hey, I’m in America!! It’s a big deal, okay? Don’t judge.

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