Filipinos = FUN.

Let me tell you the ~GOOD~ feedback I get every time someone identifies me as a Filipino. To be honest I don’t know how they can tell; it amazes me! Yes I am Asian and I make jokes about it. You can, too. It’s’ fine.

So I was eating a Harris Teeter and I guy asked if I can look after his cart of goodies cos he forgot to buy one thing. I guess he didn’t want to put his groceries to the car and run back inside to get that one thing he forgot. He’s efficient. Doing small favors for random people is really not a big deal. However, depending on the situation we shouldn’t always say yes to strangers asking if they can leave their stuff with us for safekeeping. Tell yo kids! Anyway, when Mister Shopper came back he asked me if I’m from the Philippines. As usual I was surprised. He then proceeded to tell me about the Filipinos in his life and a Filipina his relative married and how her family is so nice to them, the kids are so polite, and all that feel good stuff. It made me proud.

Another guy at Harris Teeter, Mister Shopper 2, talked to me while I was waiting for my uBer ride on Valentine’s Day *hearts*. He asked me the weirdest ‘Are you Asian’ question. He said, “Are you a Filipina or just a general Asian?”

*What is a general Asian?*

Apparently Mister Shopper 2 has a thing for Filipinas because “You have fuller lips and you guys just have a pretty face.” Well I am very flattered. He wanted to take me out on a V Day date but then I’m married 🙂

Next up is Korean Bestie. She is so cute. Korean Bestie is an older lady who runs a dry cleaning business. Friendly Koreans are cute and I find it amusing that she adores Filipinas. Apparently she’s got some Filipina friends and she likes our eyes cos it’s round and “looks happy”. Hmmm, I visit her soon. I need some good vibes.

My favorite one is Mister uBer. He picked me up at a local SSA office. uBer put me in a weird location for pick up and I told Mister uBer that I can jsut walk to where he is so he won’t have to go around. In the car I can see him looking at me in the rear view mirror. After confirming that I am Filipina, he then said, “You people are so polite! You don’t want to be a hassle and even offered to walk!” Mister uBer once dated a Filipina. He adored her so much. No idea what happened but sounds like she is his “the one who got away”. He was all praise for this lady. She managed her money well, he took care of him, she cared for him, and he misses her. You can sense the regret in his voice but he’s also so happy recalling his memories of her. It was sweet!

I hope more people would have a positive experience with Filipinos. I know we are not doing so well in the news recently and that there are bad apples no matter what race or country it is.  Bottomline is we just have to respect each other as human beings and do our best to be kind even during times when it’s difficult to do so. At the end of the day, all we got in this world  is each other.


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