The struggle is real: Chocolate Chip Cookies!



I found it! I’ve figured out the chocolate cookie recipe that works for me, and it is OH SO EASY TO MAKE. I’m still finding it difficult to accept that these babies have a ton of sugar. Sometimes it helps a lot to try to make a favorite food from scratch to know what’s in it. Sadly in my case it’s sugar. Anyhoo, cookies are for comfort so I try no to feel so bad.

I got this recipe from Anna Olson’s Youtube video but I reduced the sugar just by a bit. I wasn’t able to make 24 cookies like she did in the video but I think it’s probably because I used a cookie scoop. Interestingly enough this recipe includes cornstarch! Anna said it helps create the crunchy outside-chewy inside finish, and judging by the finish product, it does help.

So as a new baker, or aspiring to be one, I have learned a few (silly) things.

  1. Stick to and follow the recipe! Don’t try substituting things yet if you’re not experienced.
  2. Wax paper is NOT same as parchment paper. Oh dear god, hubby and I used wax paper one time and it just created a lot of smoke that set our alarms off!
  3. Always line your pans. Parchment paper or silicone mat will work.
  4. Use a good butter. For the longest time I have been using this butter that says best for baking. My baked goods and frosting won’t ever hold shape and I figured it’s because this butter is always soft that you don’t really need to put it to room temperature to soften it. I know stick to the normal butter I use in my daily life. European butter!
  5. If the recipe says room temperature, follow it!
  6. Let your baked goodies cool down first!!! I know it smells amazing and looks good, but don’t make the same mistake I do most of the time. Let the product set before cutting or eating them. They’re probably still “cooking” while it’s still hot.

So with all that I’ve shared, I present to you my babies:


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