Okay, I haven’t written for ages, again! I feel like I hibernated like a bear during winter. This was the first winter of my life and husband feels like I’ve been cheated on because this year’s winter wasn’t really very winter-y. We didn’t get the usual heavy snowing but I really don’t mind since I am not friends with the cold anyway. I might have chased the winter away. I’m no Elsa. The cold bothers me!EARLY SPRING?

Although it wasn’t a real as winter here is usually, I still suffered. Coming from an island country, I’ve been used to daily temperatures of at least 30 C or 86 F (I hear some American gasps). So imagine my horror when one day I decided to do my normal walk then all of a sudden the wind decided to join me. Real feel was like -2C. What. It felt like being punched in the ear  with ice cubes. It made my nose and teeth hurt. Nosebleeds became normal and discovered something like the feeling of claustrophobia every time I have to wear layers upon layers of clothing. One time I even had to cancel meeting up with a friends because it was really too cold for me to go out. It sounds like a shitty excuse but hey, it’s true. Cold and me do not go well at all.

So imagine my happiness when one day the weather decided to be nice and warm and sunny at 25C. Oh dear god, I went out for a walk in what I call as “normal people clothes”. Sleeveless and sweating! This could be a sign of early spring but I think it’s confusing the plants and animals. I love it but I don’t wanna be selfish. Right now the sun is out and it looks really warm but it’s not. It’s currently 6C (43F), not warm. See this is the kind of lie I have to live with in America 🙂

Let me just get over this winter thing or this “Is it spring yet?” phase then I will get back to writing more. I’m happy to announce that I have perfect my cookie recipe and have taken on brownies. I love making food from scratch so this is really an achievement for me.

Talk later! xx


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