Starbucks Stories: A different Friday.

So I go to our local Starbucks every Friday unless Leo and I are somewhere on a trip. This Friday feels different for several reasons: the usual people I see are not around, somebody else is in my usual spot, a new president will be inaugurated today.

The guy who took my usual spot is on his Surface Pro having which seems like a conference call (or some business video call). He’s trying to be as quiet as he can but he’s in Starbucks, probably has to speak louder. I guess he’s not from MD cos he keeps saying “I’m in MD” “My hotel blah blah”. And now he’s in boss man mode. Okay, enough snooping. You shouldn’t have stolen my spot!

So it is a big day today for USA. Watching the morning news I learned that there are already a lot of protests happening in DC. (Oh dear god, there’s a screaming kid). A huge number of Americans are against the president-elect an it seems like there’s also a few who are starting to regret voting for him. Back home we were in a similar situation when our current president was sworn in. He’s got quite an image in the international politics- not a good one, I guess. There will always be a divide in a country but I think it’s usual and the people usually overcome it. Somehow it will just all work unless the politician does some crazy weird stuff.

I, too, am worried for how things will be with the new government. I am in the US anyway. Although I am personally not a supporter of the 45th president, I still believe that he will take a step back and reflect on some of the things he had said. What I am more worried of are the wrong people and ideas he might revolutionize- people taking his message in the wrong way. Ideas can be dangerous, people can be dangerous.

But again we live on hope. Hope gets us through life and makes us believe in each other. Things may look bad at times but just hope and believe that it will get better.


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