The Cat Lady (in me).

I have started the habit of walking 2 miles to the nearest shopping center here in our new place. The area has stores like Giant and TJ Maxx so after 40 minutes of walking, I do some window shopping (girls, pfft!). I’ve also discovered that across this shopping center is a Petco branch! Perfect! I walk at least 3 days a week and talk this opportunity to go see some cats and dogs and other animals because unfortunately, our lease doesn’t allow us to have pets. Having pets (or a pet) I think would be beneficial for me since I am usually alone in the house while Leo is at work. I don’t have anyone to interact with aside from the occasional  neighbor’s cat that drops by for some petting and treats. It could get a bit lonely. Walking helps, for now.

So one day at Petco I noticed a sign that says that the SPCA here is looking for volunteers to help with the cats! OH MY GOODNESS. So guess what I did? Yep, I sent them  an email RIGHT AWAY. Long story short, I’m gonna start this week! Yip yip!

I’ve seen some last chance adoption cats and it’s really heartbreaking for me. They look so sad, specially the older cats. I would definitely want to adopt older animals cos people usually avoid them. If it’s not a puppy or a kitten, they got lesser chances of getting adopted.

When I start my volunteer work I know it will somehow make a difference to the animals, and it would surely help me a lot.


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