The land of the f(r)ee.

People think that America is the ultimate dream. That if you’ve made it to America, you’ve already made it in life. Lately I’ve been feeling so fed up with how limiting my life is here. My wedding a month away and unfortunately i still haven’t solved my acne problem which magically started when I got here. All I want to do is go see a dermatologist or get a facial at least. But no, if you don’t have an insurance you have to pay hellacious fees to do it. You wanna go to this place? Make sure you have a car. Sadly for me I am dependent on my guy’s schedule and his mood.

I know it’s not like this everywhere in this country. I guess I am just missing the convenience of the Philippines. Most basic stuff are accessible. You can get to places without needing your own car. Most areas are pedestrian accessible. And I don’t care if it’s because USA is bigger and it”s not practical to do this and that.

I guess I am also getting stressed out knowing that I don’t have much control of my wedding cos I’m not in my country where I would know where to get things or how to do things or how to get to a place. And really, I’m not getting much help here.

Ugh, I miss home. You really don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.


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